Handling Electrical Fire Safety

In some way, every business depends on electricity. It is important every business offices must have the system in place to protect the facility and the employees must know what to do in the event of an electrical fire.

What causes the electrical fire

There is a number of things that can cause an electric fire but to learn as much as you can. It suggested taking a walk through the building with the fire inspector or insurance agent the next time they are in the facility. They specifically train to help both locate and diagnose the potential issue.

Some common problem areas

Smokey electrical switches, outlets, and sockets.

Lights that are flickering.

Consistent trip of the breakers.

Worn out electrical wiring and cables.

Areas that contain water such as kitchens and bathrooms with an outlet that wear out or damage.

After the inspector has gone through the building, it will be time to call a professional electrician. They will help to find and fix any issue that may present by the inspector a real, legitimate threat to those inside the building.

What need to do

Importantly, the things that need to remember is to not use water to put out an electrical fire. The idea behind this is that the water act as a conductor and using it on wires can expose people to being electrocuted. First thing first is to find the source of electricity in the building immediately and shut it off. In the area where the fire exists or to be even safer shut off the entire building.

For safety, the building should have a class C fire extinguisher on hand. Class C fire extinguisher is meant and design to specifically fight electrical fires. If the circuit boxes and extinguisher is inaccessible due to fire spreading it is time to evacuate the building entirely.

The number one priority is for everyone to be in safety. Once everyone is out of the building then call 911 for fire and police to take over.

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